Derma Roller - 0.5mm, 540 Needles

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Derma Rolling helps achieve :

- Boosting of Product Effectiveness

- Refining Skin Texture

- Lightening Pigmentation

- Increasing Collagen Production

- Decreasing Lines / Wrinkles

- Increasing Blood Circulation

- Stimulating hair follicles on scalp

 Love the skin you are in!


Directions of Use :

Use alcohol to disinfect your roller before and after use. Lightly roll over whole face, avoiding eyelids, horizontally, vertically and diagonally about 5-10 times each depending on tolerance level. Work on small sections at a time.

Numbing cream is not required.

Follow with skincare regime. Recommended for use at night daily or once a week.

For scalp, roll over areas with balding spots. It stimulates hair follicles and encourages hair growth.


More Usage Information:

After derma-rolling, it is recommended to use products that are non-toxic and non-irritating as product absorption is boosted. It is normal for skin to look red and sun-burnt. The redness will subside in a couple of hours.

In the event skin feels irritated, allow skin to fully heal before the next use.

Your derma roller should be changed after 20-40 uses or when the needles are blunt or bent to avoid skin damage.




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