Imperfections Eraser

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Plagued by pigmentations, moles, warts, skin tags and want them gone? Simply tap and zap with the Imperfections Eraser.

Included in box :

- Spot Remover x 1 unit

- Zap attachment x 1 unit

- 5 needles x 1 unit

- Needle holder x 1 unit

- Usb cable

- Available in 6 power intensities


Directions for use :

After device has been fully charged, screw on the pointed attachment. Switch on the device by depressing and holding the On/Off button.

Select intensity 2-3 by toggling the On/Off button and adjusting the Intensity, depending on your tolerance level.

Device will not start until the OUT button is held down. Once the OUT button is released, device automatically stops working.

After the first use, allow skin to fully heal before using on the same spot. Expect a scab to form and drop within the next 3-5 days.

**If using the needle, pass the needle tip through the needle holder and screw it to the device.

 Love the skin you are in!



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