Age-Proof Your Skin

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Each and every one of us are born with naturally beautiful skin. What happens along the way, in the inevitable process of aging, our skin starts to look battered and loses luster.

How do we age-proof our skin?

1. Provide a Thriving Environment
The best environment, for basic skin functions to work at their optimal, is in its most natural state - clean and free of grime. Give ample opportunity for this to happen by removing the daily mask of make-up as soon as it is possible to.

We recommend the MSS Hydrating Low-Foaming Cleanser.

2. Kickstart the Internal Mechanism
Reset skin and rev up the internal age-proof mechanism by re-educating it. Ingredients containing retinol, niacinamide, stem cell, vitamin c, glycolic / lactic acid etc teaches the skin to behave young again.

We recommend the MSS line of various serums to meet your needs.

3. Reinforce the Defense Mechanism
Protect the results of your hard work. Damaging UVA & UVB rays can easily undo whatever had been done.

We recommend the sunblock / sunscreens in this collection. 


So there, age-proofing our skin isn’t difficult. With good discipline and consistency, beautiful skin is within reach! 


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